No Status Quo in Business

With 30 years in marketing and communications, it’s time I share my insights, opinions, and resources. I hope this blog spurs ideas or in some way makes your business stronger. As I evolve to take on this new challenge of providing food for thought to others online, I urge you to assess where your company is now and how it may grow.

Growing is not only about revenue, but about continual learning about ourselves, our products, and our customers. Whether it’s a competitor who launches a stunning new product, or a news item that suddenly impacts how we do business, your company must be flexible enough to recognize and react to an event in a timely manner. Many companies may think they can, but in reality, are not prepared to make a course correction effectively.

Even a relatively new company must improve to support a growing customer base. A new app, Startup Timelines, shows how some recent and popular brands (Instagram, Uber, among others) have evolved. I found it fascinating to look at how these companies improved their product each year. It also makes me want to learn more about what instigated the changes – customer feedback, competition, improved technology – and how a marketer may contribute directly in the process.

As marketing professionals, our management teams look to us to provide the “big picture view of the market” and the environment in which the business operates. So today, look outside your department and consider collaborating with a cross-functional team to brainstorm ideas that address current news and market trends. Discuss how these issues or trends might impact your company, and make recommendations to management that encourage growth, not only in revenue but in market relevancy.

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